Newcastle Business Club

For over 90 years, Newcastle and Hunter community business owners have met over lunch to network with the wider business community and hear from interesting and engaging speakers.

Showcasing a Rich History & the Proud Story of Newcastle Business Club

After extensive requirements gathering, Clickk was tasked with the following deliverables from the committee of Newcastle Business Club

Ticketing: the existing ticketing system was clunky and not user friendly. The committee needed a way to manage tickets for both members and non-members to purchase online. This also included dietary requirements.

Membership Management: All memberships are managed for the entirety of the calendar year. This means we had to import the memberships from the old system, ensuring they stayed valid on the new system. This also included moving across life members.

Events: in order to promote events, the website had to help the committee convey the dates, locations and guest speakers. We used The Events Calendar with the Ticketing plugin to achieve this.

Social Media: Our social media feed enabled members to stay up to date, whilst also showcasing events via the gallery.

Mailchimp: the website also includes an integration to Mailchimp for email marketing.

Working to a schedule, our team designed, developed and implemented the site in around 8 weeks. This was in time to sell tickets to the April event.

A fresh design was the main reason for the new site – to attract more members and guests to the clubs monthly luncheons. The website’s aesthetic appeal stands out as a highlight. It simultaneously showcases the rich history and story of NBC, whilst subconsciously enticing the user to sign up or visit.

Our development team had to preserve SEO rankings and migrate existing content. This was performed simultaneously as we rolled out the design.

Our approach involved multiple sprint meetings with Sarah – the digital champion and representative of NBC. This enabled us to iterate quickly and deliver a result before the April event.

Utilising customised off the shelf plugins (such as The Events Calendar) also enabled us to deliver a holistic solution in a faster time span.

The final result leaves NBC in their pursuit of a dynamic online platform that aligns with their brand and sets the foundation for sustainable membership growth.

Clickk is proud to be a member of the Newcastle Business Club (we even sponsored an event once). We are all excited to see the club grow and evolve. Being apart of NBC’s journey is something Clickk is very proud of!