Muse Pilates

Muse Pilates undertook its most significant online update since opening in 2019. With 13 studios and counting, Clickk was engaged in designing and creating a user-friendly customer experience that represented Muse Pilates.

Balancing Form and Function Online

With five existing Wix websites, our team was tasked with the challenge to amalgamate these into one custom WordPress website. We selected WordPress for numerous reasons including its ease of use, SEO capabilities and integrations with Hubspot and MindBody for online bookings.

The website was designed mobile first, as a majority of its traffic visited on their iPhone or Android. We implemented this by performing all design and development on mobile, before building out components on the desktop.

Additionally, the speed of the previous Wix websites were poor. By amalgamating all the sites into one, we offered Muse a better technical hosting solution (with faster speeds) for a cheaper price than what they were originally paying.

Initially operating five independent websites, Clickk liaised with long term partner Gorilla360 to amalgamate these websites into one. This involved a strategic SEO plan and careful redirects, to ensure Google rankings were not impacted.

The Muse team was spread across the East Coast of Australia, so we performed the implementation of this entire project online – utilising Google Hangouts for onboarding workshops, sprint meetings and go live plans.


Our vision for Muse was to utilise powerful, high-quality imagery and a clear, minimalist layout to help users navigate to their nearest studio and book in.We took inspiration from sites we had previously developed and some from across the globe.

Our team delivered the site in a 12 week period. Working on a tight timespan, it was imperative to keep all stakeholders informed along the process.

A key part of the project was the ability for internal stakeholders (such as marketing coordinators) to manage the website. We provided training to show team members how to edit the site including uploading new studios, changing photos and text, editing blogs and more!

The outcome is a gorgeous WordPress website with an extensive SEO strategy implemented. This site set the foundation for Muse to grow into a powerhouse across the East Coast of Australia. Successful integrations have been implemented with Hubspot, MindBody, Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager.

Every detail has been beautifully crafted to help users find their nearest studio, book a class online, view their timetable or purchase a membership.

We continue to support Muse Pilates with our proactive hosting and support services.

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