Lyall Buick Furniture

With the goal of driving sales and increasing foot traffic to their store, Lyall Buick partnered with Clickk to implement a strategic digital transformation.

A Digital Transformation Journey with Lyall Buick

Our team crafted a user centric website to showcase the wide range of furniture offered in store. The key focus of the design was to enhance the user experience and ultimately drive foot traffic to the showroom. We achieved through the systematic implementation of the strategy orientated design features.

Custom Product Pages

Primarily offering made to order furniture, our team was met with the challenge of displaying product variations for lounges in an easy to navigate layout. By creating customised product pages users can easily view options such as colours, layouts, and extras.

Photo editing

Our team edited the product imagery to enhance the visual appeal of the furniture. This includes colour correction, background removal and adding drop shadows. The improved aesthetic creates an enticing online experience and showcases the furniture for maximum appeal. Though a time-consuming task, the enriched imagery truly showcases the furniture in its best light.


By identifying emerging trends, and the potential need to sell online in the future, we developed the website on an eCommerce platform. This meant we could easily convert the website to an online store if needed. This forward-thinking approach ensures major redevelopment costs aren’t encounter if the client ever wishes to sell online in the future.

Lyall was eager to drive sales and believed that an online store was the key to reaching new customers nationally. With this goal in mind, he engaged our team to create a new eCommerce site for his business.

During the initial consultation, our team identified the opportunity to improve sales by attracting more local customers to the store. We believe this was a more suitable approach due to the unique nature of the business. Lyall Buick Furniture predominantly sold made to order furniture. Therefore managing the logistic aspects of nationwide shipping could potentially lead to operational nightmare and potential customer dissatisfaction.

By shifting the focus to attracting more foot traffic to the store as a means to achieve the desired sales targets, Lyall Buick would be able to achieve desired sales goals without the logistical challenges.

The project started with an in-depth workshop to help identify the stylistic preference for the design. We worked collaboratively with Lyall and Sue to help categories more than 200 products. This was a timely but essential step to ensure the website was structure in a logical and easy to navigate manner.

With the workshop complete we commerced the design and prototyping phase of the project. This involved creating a series of interactive web page mock-ups for Lyall and Sue to test and review. Two revision meetings were held to discuss feedback and tweaks to the design prior to development. The development process involved building out a fully functional site based on the design mock-ups. Lyall and Sue were given access to the development site for testing and final review prior to launch.

Upon approval of the development website, we commenced the go-live sequence. This involved migrating the new website to our secure hosting. We performed post launch QA checks to ensure the website was free of bugs. The website was then monitored for a further 60 days as the final QA check.

The new website received a lot of positive feedback from customers. After the launch there was a steady increase in the websites traffic and rankings. Most impressively though was in significant increase in the average time on page from website visitors. This almost doubled 2 months after the website was launched.