Ponte Valle

With a global relaunch set in motion, Clickk worked in collaboration with Ponte Valle to deliver improved site design and functionality.

Bridging People and Cultures Online

Clickk joined forces with global leadership and consultancy Ponte Valle to help achieve the following key deliverables:

Improved Navigation: the existing site built on Weebly did not have a strong and clear navigation structure. This led to users becoming lost and not finding the relevant information.

Multilingual Support: utilising WPML, we integrated the website to be easily translatable into French and Japanese. This allows the Ponte Valle team to easily add translations for any page within the website.

Improved SEO: with a reworked site structure and meticulous migration, Clickk was able to get it in a position where there would be no mistakes once it went live. The restructuring and migration also had to be addressed across 100+ blogs and three languages.


A key focus for Ponte Valle was to preserve their existing SEO rankings across three languages. By redesigning the site map and implementing 301 redirects, we were able to overcome this.

The primary concern was the impact on SEO due to:

  • Changes to the sitemap: Restructuring the website’s content could alter how search engines crawled and indexed the site.
  • Broken links: Broken links due to URL changes would not only frustrate users but also negatively impact the search engines by sending mixed signals to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Another challenge was the looming timeline. Clickk was able to design, develop and deliver the site in a short 8 week timespan (with a Christmas shut down in the middle of it).


We collaborated closely with Ponte Valle to develop a new sitemap that preserved the existing content hierarchy as much as possible. This ensured a smooth transition for search engines and end users understanding the website’s structure.

By utilising a workshop approach, we were able to rapidly prototype the website and make changes in an agile fashion. This enabled us to deliver the site in the short turn around time.




Clickk also developed a custom portal for Ponte Valle – enabling participants of past workshops to logon and view the meeting materials.

Within two months of going live, the redesigned website offers an enhanced user experience contributing to better user engagement. The modern and user-friendly website design strengthened Ponte Valle’s brand image and perception in the market.

Another key metric that has improved is the reduction of the bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who leave your website after viewing only one page). By encouraging end users to explore, this has lead to users finding their desired information quicker and thus in turn, boosted conversions.


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