Webber Architects

Webber Architects has offices in Newcastle and Sydney, encompasses over 20 years’ experience in architecture, urban design, master planning, and interior design. To showcase their wide range of services, Clickk was engaged to redevelop their existing WordPress website.

Bringing Architecture & Urban Design to Digital Design

In early 2023, Webber Architects approached Clickk was an outdated website. As a company with 20+ years in operation and 20+ staff, it was imperative that a new website was implemented that showcased the breadth of services, case studies and capabilities the team held.

We delivered a stunning WordPress website, built with a custom project gallery and minimalist design.

A key challenge was effortlessly showcasing the wide range of work Webber does. This spanned from architecture, interior design and urban design, all across sectors such as commercial, residential and education.

Our team opted for a custom project filter, with individual case studies to enable potential customers to deeper research into previous work of Webber…just like how you are researching Clickk right now!


Working with Allison (Marketing Manager), we created a seamless process – tasking her with homework such as sourcing photography, team bios and project bios. Together, we developed a customer experience that elevated the online experience for clients and laid a foundation for future growth across Sydney and Newcastle. From here, we designed and developed the website, iterating through a few drafts until it was ready to launch.

Our team liaised with the IT supplier to ensure a seamless go live. This resulted in no downtime.

The new website merges best-in-class usability with a Webber aesthetic. It showcases their talented team, extensive work and their key values. The website encourages visitors to enquire and reach out to create a better built environment together.

We trained Allison on how to make edits to the website and changes including:

  • Uploading projects
  • Uploading team bios
  • Editing key pages such as Home, About & Contact
  • Editing contact details