Matthews Cleaning Co.

Matthews Cleaning Co, a prominent commercial cleaning company, embarked on a transformative journey with Clickk. The goal was to craft a bespoke website that reflects their extensive array of cleaning services and professional ethos.

Revitalising Lead Generation: A New Website Design's Impact

The revamped Matthews Cleaning Co website featured a range of cutting-edge elements:

Scalable and Customisable Design: Clickk leveraged WordPress and custom CSS to craft a truly unique website that evolves with Matthews Cleaning Co’s growth.

Careers Section: An interactive job listing and application platform were seamlessly integrated, streamlining the hiring process.

User-Friendly Navigation: A carefully designed menu and service page provided easy access to the array of services without compromising on looks.

SEO Integration: Clickk ensured the website’s robust SEO performance, enhancing its visibility to potential clients through improved rankings.


In partnering with Matthews Cleaning Co, we faced multifaceted challenges that demanded innovative solutions. The existing website failed to align with the company’s expanding portfolio and professionalism. It lacked adaptability, hindering the addition of new projects and essential updates. Furthermore, the absence of a user-friendly job application process and an easily accessible referral mechanism hindered engagement with potential employees and clients.

Our task was to engineer a website that not only showcased Matthews Cleaning Co’s diverse services but also provided a seamless user experience. Additionally, the website needed to embrace the company’s distinct branding and perform optimally in search engine rankings, attracting a wider client base. This comprehensive transformation required meticulous planning and execution to address every facet of the challenge effectively.

Clickk’s approach to the Matthews Cleaning Co project was a multifaceted strategy that integrated three core angles: collaborative vision, user-centric design, and technological innovation.

Collaborative Vision and Branding Synergy: Our partnership with Matthews Cleaning Co was built on collaboration. By actively engaging with Jordan, the owner of Matthews Cleaning Co, we gained valuable insights that shaped the website’s direction. From there, we were able to turn these insights into a design that incorporated the company’s distinct branding elements. The result was a website that not only looked the part but truly resonated with Matthews Cleaning Co’s brand identity.

User-Centric Design and Navigation Precision: Central to our strategy was the creation of a website that offered a superior user experience. We understood the challenge of presenting a wide array of services without overwhelming visitors. Our solution involved meticulous design and navigation planning. By thoughtfully categorising services and developing an intuitive menu, we struck the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. 

Technological Craftsmanship and Performance Excellence: Clickk’s technological prowess was pivotal in bringing Matthews Cleaning Co’s vision to life. We harnessed the capabilities of WordPress and custom CSS to craft a completely unique website. This bespoke approach enabled us to tailor every aspect of the website according to the client’s specific needs, ensuring scalability and adaptability. The website’s responsiveness across various devices was meticulously fine-tuned, guaranteeing a user-friendly experience for all visitors. Moreover, our dedicated SEO efforts enhanced the website’s search engine visibility, expanding its reach and driving valuable leads for Matthews Cleaning Co.

The partnership culminated in a triumphant outcome for Matthews Cleaning Co. The newly launched website aligned seamlessly with the company’s professional ethos and visually embraced its distinct branding. This transformation led to remarkable results:

Increased Leads: The website’s enhanced visibility and user-friendly features attracted new contracts and leads.

Enhanced SEO and Performance: Clickk’s dedicated SEO efforts boosted the website’s rankings and overall performance, ensuring it reached a wider audience.

Positive User Experience: Through thoughtful design choices and strategic navigation, the website offered an engaging and streamlined experience for visitors.

Through a meticulously crafted website, Clickk introduced the potential for far-reaching expansion. The website’s seamless scalability, alongside its sleek design and intuitive user experience, has become the cornerstone of Matthews Cleaning Co’s journey towards broader horizons. As the brand gears up to introduce new services and locations, the foundation laid by Clickk stands as a testament to our commitment to driving success through innovative digital solutions.