Fruit Brothers

Newcastle-based fruit and vegetable supplier, Fruit Brothers, found themselves in a bit of a pickle with their website. Their outdated site was hindering their growth and efficiency. Seeking a comprehensive solution, they turned to Clickk for assistance in building a brand-new website that would not only address their current limitations but also offer scalability for the future.

Streamlining Processes for Fruitful Growth in the Digital Marketplace

Clickk’s dedication to Fruit Brothers’ success culminated in the following key deliverables:

Custom Website Development:  Clickk crafted a bespoke website tailored to Fruit Brothers’ precise requirements, addressing their invoicing challenges and streamlining daily operations. The migration of pages, content, orders, and customers from the old system to the new platform was executed seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition for both the business and its users. The custom system management tools introduced through the new website now save Fruit Brothers at least three hours of work every day.

Speed and Performance Optimisation: The revamped website was optimised for speed and loading times, ensuring visitors could access information quickly and efficiently.

Seamless Xero Integration: Clickk successfully integrated Xero into the website, empowering Fruit Brothers with a streamlined invoicing process and enhanced financial management.

Home Delivery and Wholesale Sections: The website was thoughtfully designed to seamlessly accommodate both the home delivery and wholesale segments, recognising that each customer embarks on a unique journey and user flow. This tailored approach ensures that individuals seeking convenient home delivery or businesses looking for wholesale solutions experience intuitive navigation and relevant information. 

Klaviyo Email Marketing: Clickk implemented Klaviyo email marketing integrations, enabling Fruit Brothers to effectively engage with their audience through targeted and personalised email campaigns.

Google Analytics and Tag Manager Tracking: To gain valuable insights into user behaviour and website performance, Clickk integrated Google Analytics and Tag Manager, providing Fruit Brothers with actionable data for informed decision-making.

Brand-Enriching Design: Clickk enhanced the website’s visual appeal, presenting Fruit Brothers’ brand image with clarity and authenticity.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance: We provid continued priority support and maintenance, ensuring Fruit Brothers’ website remains secure, up-to-date, and at peak performance.

The Fruit Brothers’ team faced significant hurdles with their outdated website, especially concerning the integration of essential invoicing tools like Xero. To address this issue, Clickk embarked on a comprehensive business case project. Our team conducted in-person workshops at Fruit Brothers’ premises to gain a first-hand understanding of their invoicing systems. It became evident that the existing setup was inefficient and consumed excessive time.

With a firm grasp of Fruit Brothers’ unique requirements, Clickk set out to build a completely new website that would serve as the foundation for their future growth. Our collaboration with Jemma, our talented graphic designer, ensured that the new website’s design and imagery perfectly captured Fruit Brothers’ brand identity and ethos.

Clickk employed a future-proof and scalable approach, ensuring that the website could accommodate evolving needs and seamlessly integrate new features as the business expanded. 

A core focus was on enhancing the website’s speed and loading times to deliver a smooth and enjoyable user experience. This was particularly crucial during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. With people increasingly turning to online platforms, the new website was designed to handle significant loads without compromising its performance. Clickk’s dedicated team also implemented robust security measures to ensure the safety of users’ data, providing Fruit Brothers and their customers with peace of mind during these uncertain times.

Due to our hard work, the new website has become a powerful asset for the business, revolutionising their daily operations and saving valuable time with efficient custom system management tools.

With a seamless XERO integration, invoicing processes are now streamlined, empowering the Fruit Brothers’ team to focus on core business activities. The website’s enhanced speed and performance have led to a more satisfying user experience, fostering greater engagement and customer satisfaction.

The addition of dedicated sections for home delivery and wholesale ensures that Fruit Brothers’ diverse clientele can easily access the services they need. Moreover, the website’s captivating design and imagery, project a professional and inviting brand identity.

Clickk’s commitment to knowledge sharing through workshops has equipped the Fruit Brothers’ team with the necessary skills to maintain and update the website independently, granting them full control over their online presence.

The newly launched website by Clickk has not only modernised Fruit Brothers’ operations but also laid the foundation for future growth and expansion. As Fruit Brothers continue to flourish, their online platform stands ready to support and empower their journey to even greater success.