Website Training


Navigating the WordPress Dashboard


In this training video, I explain the key features of the WordPress dashboard, the central hub of your website, where you can access various tools and settings. I demonstrate how to customise widgets, manage plugins, and navigate the admin panel efficiently. Familiarise yourself with the dashboard functionalities for better website management.


Using the Media Library


In this video, I guide you through managing your media library, emphasising the importance of image optimization for website speed. I introduce a helpful tool for image compression and resizing and demonstrate the process of adding images to your library.  Learn how to optimise images for your website efficiently.


Editing the page with Elementor


In this video, I guide you through making content changes on your website using the Elementor editor. Learn how to access and edit pages, change text and images, and understand the different widgets available.


Understanding Custom Post Types and Dynamic Content


In this video, I explain the importance of using dynamic content for websites, especially when dealing with multiple pages that share the same layout. I demonstrate how templates help maintain consistency across different pages, making it easier to update content uniformly.