FAST Website Hosting

We offer FAST, Carbon Neutral Website Hosting in Australia

Hosting is the business of housing, serving and maintaining files for one or more websites, it is where all the files on your website live and makes them accessible to internet users. Website hosting is responsible for keeping your website available 24/7 by keeping the server up and running.


Clickk is an industry-leading Web Hosting provider in Newcastle, Maitland, the Hunter Valley and beyond. We offer Australian Website and Email Hosting services to a variety of business shapes and sizes with plans to suit a vast range of industries. We are trusted by many local businesses, our aim is to provide hosting services to help you connect with your customers both here in Australia and beyond. We pride ourselves on having lightning fast website hosting with 99.98% Up Time to match your exact requirements. Whether you have an established website or are just starting up, the team at Clickk is here to assist you every step of the way and find a solution that suits your business.


Clickk understands that starting a new website is scary and that picking a web hosting provider with the correct server space for your business can be a challenge. At Clickk we believe in premium website hosting, our team uses cPanel control panel which is the leading hosting automation platform which allows us to publish websites, manage domains, organise web files, create email accounts and much more.


Here at Clickk we specialise in all things hosting including;

  • WordPress Hosting for web hosting specifically for WordPress websites
  • Web Application Hosting a service that allows applications to be available from a remote cloud infrastructure
  • VPS (virtual private server) hosting
  • SQL (structured query language) hosting


If you are looking for custom database management, we also have extensive experience with MYSQL and MariaDB. We can design, develop and implement cost-effective databases. For all website hosting needs and managements, contact us.

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