Headless Website Developers

Decouple the traditional database-driven CMS with microservices

Clickk are experts at Headless Website Development. The decoupled approach enables complete control on the way in which data is displayed to our clients across a plethora of devices, IOTs and platforms.

What is a Headless CMS?

A traditional CMS, such as WordPress, is monolithic – meaning that there is one back end which is used to create one front end. All of your files and data go through one pipeline.

A decoupled (or API driven) CMS is where the back end and the front end are split into two separate systems. One system is responsible for content creation and storage, and the other is responsible for presenting the data to users on an interface, such as a website, mobile app, smartwatch, etc. (Source).

A true headless CMS leaves the “front end” or the “head” out and is simply a data source. This means that numerous connections are made from external apps with their own front ends.

Why use a Headless CMS?

  • Reduce load: Headless allows for micro-services, which store content in the cloud and leverage less bandwidth and server resources.
  • Manage and store content: All from one central repo! This means your data is shared across all platforms on one update.
  • Building from the future: This infrastructure enables you to build for the future! As platforms evolve, your front ends can however your back end is rock solid!

We can help design, build and implement your Headless CMS project. Reach out to Clickk to learn more!

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