The Mark Hughes Foundation

The Mark Hughes Foundation (MHF) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness and funds for brain cancer research. Founded by former professional rugby league footballer Mark Hughes and his wife Kirralee; the foundation aims to improve outcomes for patients through research, awareness campaigns, and support programs.

Transformative Design Empowers Mark Hughes Foundation's Digital Engagement

  • Custom WordPress Website
  • SEO Content Migration
  • Information Architect
  • Strategy Workshops & Consulting

The MHF website was a complex project with several technical factors to be considered throughout the build. These included:

  1. Merger of the ‘Beanies of Brain Cancer’ website with the “Main” MHF website
  2. Provide a hosting solution to handle load spikes in June/July
  3. Easy to edit backend with training provided to key stakeholders
  4. Mobile first design with 90% of traffic on mobile phones
  5. Integrate other microsites on GoFundraise & Shopify
  6. Launched before the 1st May 2024

Workshops: We conducted collaborative workshops with MHF’s team to clearly define project objectives, technical requirements, and design preferences. This ensured the clients vision and goals were clearly understood. Revision workshops were held with the MHF team at key milestones to discuss progress and gather feedback from stakeholders.

Brand Alignment: Our web design team meticulously crafted MHF’s website to seamlessly align with the organisation’s established branding guidelines. Beginning with a comprehensive understanding of MHF’s brand identity, we carefully integrated the colour schemes, typography, imagery style, and tone of voice into every aspect of the website. Every decision was made with the aim of maintaining consistency and reinforcing brand recognition across all digital touchpoints. By closely adhering to the branding guidelines, we created a website that is visually appealing and also strengthens MHF’s overall brand image, fostering trust and familiarity among users.

Redirect Plan/Traffic Analysis: We developed a comprehensive redirection plan and conducted a traffic analysis to ensure a smooth transition from the old websites to the new platform, minimising disruptions and preserving SEO rankings.

Consolidation of Beanies for Brain Cancer: We consolidated MHF’s various campaigns and initiatives, including the Beanies for Brain Cancer campaign, into a unified website structure, simplifying navigation and enhancing brand cohesion. The main challenge was combining the information from the robust Beanies for Brain cancer website with the primary MHF website without losing rankings in Google.

Scalable Infrastructure: We implemented a scalable hosting infrastructure capable of handling MHF’s high traffic volumes during peak periods, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. With the website collapsing in previous years, our development team undertook extensive research and planning to ensure the website server could handle traffic spikes. We liaised with our friends at WP Engine to come up with a custom solution.

Conversion-Focused Design: We optimised the website’s design and layout for conversions, incorporating prominent calls-to-actions, streamlined donation processes, and intuitive user flows to encourage user engagement and drive desired actions.

Sitemap & Information Architecture: The complexity of MHF’s content structure required careful planning and organisation to create an intuitive sitemap that facilitated easy navigation for users. With the consolidation of two large websites; Beanies for Brain Cancer and the Mark Hughes Foundation main website, we had to create a sitemap that was logical and easy to navigate to the end user.


Through collaborative workshops, strategic planning, and meticulous execution, our web design agency successfully delivered a custom WordPress website for the Mark Hughes Foundation that addressed their unique challenges and goals.

The new website provides an intuitive and engaging user experience, effectively communicates MHF’s mission, and drives meaningful actions to support their cause. By implementing scalable infrastructure, optimising for conversions, and consolidating brand presence, we empowered MHF to enhance their online presence, streamline operations, and make a greater impact in the fight against brain cancer.