Our recipe to digital success

Table of Contents

Our recipe to digital success

1. Consultation

As a business owner, you want to speak to real humans. One of our key values is open communication. We aim to meet with you onsite to discuss the finer details of your exciting web development project. Partnering with Clickk means you are partnering with the best. Our team is small enough to care but large enough to deliver. 

2. Architectural Design

Before we propose a contract, we research into the best possible method into how to make your web development project a reality. We consult with our in house expert Software Engineers, Computer Scientists and Graphic Designers.

3. Evolutionary Prototyping

With a short time between milestones, we aim to get you a minimum viable product (MVP) to the market in the shortest amount of time possible. As the design iterations continue, we deliver evolutionary prototypes with an agile software methodology as the backbone of your new web application. 

4. Release

Transitioning the web application into production is one of the most important aspects of the build. Our team collaborates with key stakeholders and end users in your team as the web development is rolled out. We aim to inform, educate and progress your business’ growth with our new web development.