How we create buyer personas to drive sales

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How we create buyer personas to drive sales

Developing a buyer persona can assist your company in becoming more client-focused and helps you to understand what key features of a professional website will appeal to your target audience.

Buyer personas are the idealised version of your client or customer based on research and data. By utilising personas, you can focus more on your audience and client base and develop your website and marketing strategy around them. Having a few buyers personas allows you to segment your audience and figure out your buyers’ needs.

By honing in on your buyer personas, you’ll be more likely to attract the right customers to your businesses website, and it will result in more sales.

Clickk can provide you with an easy to use template that will help you create a buyer persona and allow you to imagine the kinds of customers you want to attract. Using this persona, we can help you develop the best website for your business. The persona guide can even come in handy for other parts of your work like marketing, sales, and so much more.

But why do I need a buyer persona for my website?

The purpose of a buyer persona is to understand your current and prospective customers better and how a website will appeal to them. It makes it easier for you to foresee the pain points that your business addresses and how to incorporate that clearly into your site. This can help you tailor your site with the right content, messaging, aesthetics, and services to appeal to the needs and behaviours of your audience.

From the type of language and jargon that the customers would like to see on the site, the type of images, and even how the page is set up. It can all contribute to the customer perspective and experience. This can play a significant role in how your audience perceives your brand and whether they choose to connect with you.

For example, you may be interested in selling tools to tradies. Using overly complicated academic language with hard to follow site navigation will not be particularly effective for this audience. Clickk can assist you in developing your buyer personas and how they will apply to the site.

If you have any questions or would like assistance developing your own buyer personas feel free to contact the Clickk team today!