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4 Day Work Week

At Clickk, we want to give our staff better future post COVID-19 with flexible working arrangements and a four-day work week.

To achieve work-life-balance and keep us sharp, we take Thursdays off to rest, reset and refocus ourselves to deliver the very best digital projects for our clients.

What are the advantages for our staff?

  • Better employee engagement
  • We are able to spend more time with our friends & family
  • Less time commuting (also good for the environment)

What are the benefits for our clients?

  • The same amount of work (and in some cases more) is delivered
  • We are faster to reach solutions and tangible outcomes, as we are fresh & rested
  • Less stress within the workplace

For our workload and current projects, we will schedule around our four-day work week. Our speed and quality of delivering digital projects has actually increased.