Crafting the perfect brand personality and tone of voice

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Crafting the perfect brand personality and tone of voice

Brands, just like humans, have different personalities! But what is ‘brand personality? Brand personality is the emotional projection of your business or company. It’s the impression a business gives when people see your logo, hear your name, and read about what it does. A brand personality should be similar in tone to your product or service; if it isn’t, it won’t resonate with customers. When your business understands its brand personality and knows who it is as a company, it becomes easy to communicate this to potential clients so they know why they should be interested in working with you!

Every brand has a personality that is shown through its marketing and advertising efforts. This can be achieved by using different colors, fonts, and images to portray the company’s image and tone of voice. The more defined the company’s personality, the easier it will be for them to connect with potential customers. A good brand personality will always differentiate a business from the competitors in the industry.

How Do You Know If Your Business Brand’s Personality is Correct?

To know if your brand’s personality is being perceived correctly, you will need to ask your customers and target market questions about how they see you. 

Do they see your brand as edgy or as dull? Is your brand personality vibrant and playful? Knowing how the market perceives you will help you improve and get better at communicating as a brand. 

A brand personality that is memorable, distinctive, and engaging will appeal to customers because it connects with them and makes the business stand out from the competition. The personality has to strike an “emotional chord and connection” when your customers interact with you. This will help you to build a lasting relationship with your clients regardless of factors such as pricing! It is common to see that brands that offer more expensive products and services have loyal customers. This is because they believe that the brand represents their ideals better than other brands in the market. 

The brand personality can be the difference between the success and failure of your business. Here are the reasons why a brand personality is critical for your business.

  1. It Portrays and Preserves Consistency in your Message

Every brand has a particular message that they wish to put across to their customers. This message needs to be consistent on all online and offline platforms of communication. Whether communicating on your website or social media, there are various characteristics, such as color choices, fonts, and more, that must be constant. If the message they communicate to their customers is not clear and consistent enough, bringing customers on board becomes a tough question! A good and consistent brand personality will boost the chances that your brand resonates with your target market. 

  1. It Communicates the Benefits That Customers Will Get

Your customers will get a clear perspective of what they stand to gain from your products and services. A great brand personality will communicate how a brand’s products and services will solve its problems. Once these perceived benefits are etched into the minds of customers, they will be drawn to your brand and become lasting clients. 

  1. It Will Help You to Keep a Competitive Advantage Over the Competition

In this highly competitive business world, where new businesses are coming up daily, and each is trying to get the biggest market share, a unique brand personality will help your business survive and thrive! Though customers are spoilt for products and services, they almost always compare what all available brands offer. At this point, what will distinguish your brand from a rival brand is a better brand personality. An opportunistic brand recognizes this and creates a brand personality that grabs its customers’ attention and communicates how it will solve the customer’s problem efficiently and cost-effectively. It will do this by creating a marketing strategy that will connect with the customer’s feelings of frustration and happiness after they purchase from their service. The customers will feel that this brand has their interests at heart and choose it above the rest. Therefore, by leveraging a personalized marketing strategy, the brand stands out from the crowd. Its personality is perceived more favorably compared to its competition. 

Great Brand Personality Examples

  1. Coca-Cola

Many people consider the brand personality of Coca-Cola to be a brand with an “exciting” personality that displays joy. Their viral advertisements include the “Share a Coke” campaign, which communicates excitement and joy from drinking Coca-Cola products. These fun images and messages connect well with younger people, and it is clear that the campaigns based on happiness are characteristics of their well-known brand personality.

  1. Apple

The Apple brand personality is “about lifestyle; imagination; liberty regained; innovation; passion; hopes, dreams and aspirations; and power-to-the-people through technology.” 

Many people perceive the Apple brand to be a leader in the technology industry because they have taken innovation to new heights and pushed the boundaries of creativity! The simple yet high functional devices are impressive, and it resonates with their communication of being a vibrant and exciting brand personality. 

  1. Nike

A leader in the sports, athletic, and performance industry, Nike is a brand associated with being inspirational, exciting, cool, and healthy, and fitness. They have complimented this personality with their choice of products that are unique, durable, and high-quality. They also endorse the best athletes of a wide variety of sports to continue the brand personality perception they have created. This has grown their brand and kept their competitive edge above others.

In conclusion, a brand personality is a necessary tool to leverage if you want your brand to thrive in today’s competitive market. Your brand personality is all about how you make your customers feel when they think of your brand. It is an avenue you can use to convey your message and communicate your values. Using it to show your customers how your products and services will benefit them is essential. It will position your business as more valuable than your competition and make your brand more memorable!