Collective Growth Grant Winners

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Collective Growth Grant Winners

We are absolutely honoured to have received the Collective Growth Grant from Commercial Collective and RTC Group.

The grant was made to help grow Newcastle’s tomorrow and we’re here to help drive that growth with this money!

We love working with non for profits, NDIS providers and charities, to improve the lives of business owners and the lives of their participants.

A great website and digital marketing strategy can be the difference that helps someone find the help they need.

How are we going to use it?

Our goal is to help TEN organisations transform online with our growth grant!

If you know a charity, non for profit or NDIS provider who would benefit from Clickk and the Commercial Growth Grant, please reach out today!

We’re here to deliver digital products with substance and societal impact with our Growth Grant!

You can watch our video submission here.

Thank you again to Dane Crawford from Commercial Collective and Richard Claut from RTC Group for this opportunity!

UPDATE: Feb 2022

We have used the grant to help: