5 Steps we Improve Website Accessibility

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5 Steps we Improve Website Accessibility

Why is website accessibility so important?

When people talk about accessibility, they tend to think of physical accessibility solutions, like elevators or ramps. However, digital and website accessibility is becoming just as important in this modern age. 

Website accessibility is a process of making websites usable for everyone. It’s vital to make sure every one of any ability is included. There are countless tools and options available to incorporate into your website to make them more accessible. Here are some of the ways Clickk makes accessibility a priority. 

  1. Easy to read font

For visually impaired people having cursive scripts or small fonts can pose an insurmountable challenge to reading. It’s essential when designing a website to consider how everyone will read the font. 

  1. Including captions or alternatives for videos and images 

When including multimedia aspects, it’s essential to be mindful of those using screen readers or hard-of-hearing people. Providing alternative options like captions, image descriptions, and transcripts will make it easier for everyone. 

  1. Making content easier to see and hear 

Although aesthetically pleasing websites can be fun to design, they are pointless if they are not easy to navigate or access. Ensuring the website is easy to scroll through, the images and text are large enough and can be zoomed in on are just some of the ways we prioritise accessibility. 

  1. Removing flashing sequences or strobe lights 

It’s important when designing a website to remove any elements like flashing lights or repetitive patterns. This content can cause seizures and physical reactions for some audience members and should be avoided at all costs. 

  1. Making the website easier to navigate

A vital aspect to website design and accessibility is the ability for users to easily navigate the site, find the right content, and determine which page they are on. Having clear titles, menus, and the clearest or simplest language available is a vital part of that. 

Those are just a few ways Clickk is working to make websites more accessible for everyone, regardless of their ability. If you have any suggestions or questions about making your own website more accessible, please contact us today!