15 Types of Digital Marketing Materials you need in 2021

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15 Types of Digital Marketing Materials you need in 2021

Digital marketing materials or digital marketing collateral refers to a brand’s media to promote its products and services. Any medium you can use to convey your brand message over the internet qualifies to be called digital marketing material or digital marketing collateral. The best digital marketing material will help you to nurture your potential customers through their purchasing journey. It will also give you high-quality leads, attract new customers, retain existing customers and boost your brand awareness. The digital marketing materials that you select should mesh together to compel a customer to make a buying decision. Our post, “15 Types of Digital Marketing Materials you need in 2021,” will discuss these further. Let’s get started! 

  1. eBooks 

An eBook is a digital book in long-form whose primary purpose is to educate an audience on a particular topic. eBooks are easily accessible online, and they help brands create credibility. An eBook can also be very interactive and effective in attracting high-quality leads by being a gift (lead magnet) for contacts and newsletter subscriptions. 

  1. Blog Posts

Blog posts are entries that are published on a blog. Brands can use blog posts to educate on solutions to problems related to the niche. Example, giving solutions to weight loss. Most blog posts have a call-to-action feature that compels their customers to explore their product page and see what product will suit them. They may also have social share buttons for easy sharing on social media platforms.

  1. A Pillar Page

This refers to a piece on a website which talks about a particular topic in great detail. It often has a table of contents for a reader to understand its content better. This is essential because pillar pages are often lengthy and may be linked to other articles. These pillar pages provide your readers with the opportunity to access other content which links back to your content. 

  1. Landing Pages

When online, have you ever clicked on an Advert and then got redirected to a certain page? This page is what is called the landing page! What pops up is a form that will request your basic contact information in exchange for a free download. It is also possible to create multiple landing pages for different digital marketing campaigns. 

  1. Infographics

Infographics refer to graphs, charts, and other visual illustrations. They are valuable tools that help readers to unpack complex data for better understanding. Infographics can be found standalone or included in blog posts and other articles. They help brands that share a lot of statistical information. This visual content offers brands the best chance of standing out from their rivals. 

  1. Case Studies

These are articles in a story format that highlight the value of a brand’s products and services to a customers’ life! They normally highlight how a brand has addressed its customers’ pain points. The four sections comprising case studies include the challenge, the solution, the result, and the customer’s review or testimony. If your prospects read your case studies and see how their peers benefited, they will be compelled to test your products. 

  1. Press Release

This is content that brands create themselves to feature in a news publication about a new product launch, event, or development. They are written specifically to draw attention and generate publicity about the business. Press releases can be shared to local newspaper sites to create a buzz around a brand and drive more engagement. 

  1. Digital Newsletters 

Digital newsletters are messages with news and additional information about the business to a list of subscribers. They are effective in always staying connected to your customers. When used with a Call-to-Action, digital newsletters will help you to boost your website traffic and sales. For example, you can send a redeemable discount coupon to purchase your product within a day of getting your digital newsletter. 

  1. White Papers

A white paper is a long-form article regarding a technical topic. Brands use white papers to exhibit their knowledge about the industry they operate in. Many businesses use white papers to make good decisions regarding which products and services to purchase.

  1. Digital Brochures

These are digital promotional materials that display the products and services of a business in a catalog format. They can be easily shared and viewed online on websites or downloaded. Starbucks Company brochure is a digital brochure with creative images, an attractive layout, and even a video that introduces the company. 

  1. Digital Product Catalogs

This refers to an online catalog that lists a brand’s product(s). It will display the name and the image of a brand’s product, its features, and a short description of it. It helps customers to better understand your product and is easy to share online.

  1. Re-Engagement Emails

Re-engagement emails are emails sent to individuals who have seemingly lost interest in a brand’s product or service. They also motivate customers to complete their online purchases. Brands also use them to inform their (potential) customers of improvements or changes done to their products and services. 

  1. Company Background

This is a brief and basic description of your brand’s history and the business’s complete products and services. It includes the business founders and leaders, location, and who its products serve. Company background boosts transparency and trust. 

  1. Portfolio

A portfolio is a compilation of the projects which a particular brand has completed to date! This is an effective way of displaying to your customer how productive and focused your brand is. If you are a content creator, your portfolio comprises all the videos, articles, and more. 

  1. Warranty Sheets

These are documents provided by a business that guarantees that its products and services are of the agreed-upon standard. Warranty sheets entitle a customer to receive compensation and repairs if a brand’s service or product does not work as stated within a given period. 

In conclusion, our list above highlights some of the best digital marketing materials you can use in 2021. Using these digital marketing materials is highly recommended! These tools will allow you to retain your existing customers and attract new ones. The result? Massive growth and success of your business!